Sunday, 5 June 2011

HELP - Any Techies Out There...

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a nice Sunday evening...where has all the heat gone...our UK weather is SO unpredicatable, it looks like it's going to throw it down, well if it does, at least my veggie patch will be happy :)

I was just wondering if there are any 'techies' out there, who would be kind enough to help me make my blog post wider? I am trying to find a way to lose the left side empty coloumn and expand the post, so it fills the whole page with a column on the right for widgets etc...

I have looked at the HTML code and kinda wished I hadn't...LOL... very, very confusing indeedy!!

Also, I would like to make a 'button' for my blog but do not know where to begin...I am a bit of a lost cause where that is concerned...LOL... How do I get the graphics and the HTML Codes etc...

I feel that I now need to revamp my blog abit but I don't know how :(

Any advice will be greatly appreciated :) Thank you to anyone who takes the time to help me with my quest :)


  1. hi hun to alter the width of your blog if you go to,design,then at the top of the page go to template designer and on the colomn at the top of the page,left hand side you will see alter,column widths,all you have to do is alter the slider,to how ever much,you want,then you can preview it too and if you do not like it,just put it back.
    as for the button for you blog,if you find one you like copy and paste the HTML code into,the altered gadgets,on you,blog after you sign in,go to design,at the top of the page on the right click on add gadget a list will come up,click the HTML button,then just paste the code into that and your button will pop up on your side bar.
    Hope that helps hugs cheryl xxxxxxxxx

  2. if you get stuck email me and I will try and,copy and paste the info from the blog for you,love cheryl x

  3. Sharon at Plum Rose Lane does all the techie stuff for me and is more than reasonable. Here is the link if you want to give her a shout.
    She also has lot of freebie buttons and stuff so it might save you a lot of time to use one of those or have her design one for you. "Hugs" Carol

  4. Hey hun!! Hope all is well with you!! The best, easiest and FREE way to do it is just like Cheryl said above. If she can't help, let me know and I'll try and help you...

    I had someone do my blog for me. She's Michelle Laycock and Laycock costs money, but it's all done for me and better that way!! :) I highly recommend her work as she gives you what you ask for!!

    Hope all is well with you friend!! HUGS


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